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Stand with Ukraine

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RED LINE Foundation, a charitable foundation registered in Zurich, Switzerland, is committed to support the people of Ukraine who are suffering under the terrible impact of the war in the Ukraine also with the involvement of numerous medical experts.

As of now, RED LINE provides humanitarian and other support to vulnerable communities, namely:

–       cooperates and coordinates with local authorities in order to jointly meet the humanitarian needs of cities that suffer the most from hostilities;

–       delivers humanitarian aid from European countries to the most affected cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, some cities of Donetsk and Luhansk regions;

–       cooperates and conducts joint activities with the largest Charitable Foundations in Europe;

–       attracts funds and humanitarian aid from business representatives of Switzerland, Poland, Germany;

–       organizes the supply of humanitarian aid from European countries to Ukraine for the needs of hospitals, bomb shelters, cities with the most difficult humanitarian situation

Provides medical equipment and assistance in prosthetics for people who have suffered significant damage as a result of hostilities.

In order to further cooperate with your community and avoid fraud, we provide you with a list of contact persons who operate in your area on behalf of our organization:

(1) Nikitin Vasyl, (TT100001, 19.02.1988)

(2) Amitan Oleksii (ВА554901, 16.07.1980)

(3) Motruk Iaroslav, (ME217154, 16.03.1987)

(4) Merkulenko Denys, (FG601567, 14.03.1985)

(5) Hrytsenko Oleksandr (ТТ255937, 28.06.1981)

(6) Stadnychenko Ivan (МЕ478812, 14.05.1988)

(7) Narbut Vladyslav (МР347763, 15.07.1987)

(8) Motruk Muchailo (СН482809 17.10.1958)

(9) Victor Kobenko (МЕ664735, 25.07.1988)

(10) Surai Olha (НМ395765, 10.05.1995)

(11) Mykola Ostrozhnyi (ВТ041242, 20.06.1997)

(12) Oleksandr Pankov (КА526171, 01.08.1981)

(13) Kuhitko Vitalii (TT215849, 12.12.1975)

(14) Oleksii Vinichenko (ВВ798466, 11.11.1975)

We ask you to communicate with these people on all issues related to our activities.