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Red Line: changing lives despite the crisis

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We are experiencing a global pandemic that has created volatility in markets and thus exacerbated social problems. At the same time, this difficult time stressed the importance of charity. 2020 has been a good year to give to those most impacted by this challenging environment. Many non-profit organizations noted an increase in donations but the number of those in need has increased dramatically.

Red Line is a young organization that is just taking its first steps in helping people without limbs. The quarantine restrictions affected the results of the foundation’s work. But the team did everything to restore operations as quickly as possible. In 2020 we assisted Dean Parry, 47, Spain, Benoit Protets, 21, France, Suzanne Raggers, 14, the Netherlands, Cosmin Achirei, 14, Romania, and Noel Lemke, 26, Germany.

The Red Line considered each case individually, each patient is important for us. The Red Line team was worried about Dean`s fate, who suffered during a storm in Spain. His right leg was trapped and crushed by the car swept by raging water. Dean`s ankle was shattered so he had to go through the amputation. sepsis made things worse and his leg was amputated further up. The foundation paid for the purchase of the modern prosthesis manufactured by well-known company Ottobock.  

Benoit from Bordeaux was born with a forearm limb difference and was disappointed with the prosthesis he had. It was not functional and aesthetic enough. The young man had a motivation for the bionic prosthesis Hero Arm because it`s lightweight. Benoit was sure that it would be instrumental in his academic activities and internships to come. The Red Line made these dreams come true.

The boy of 14 from Romania Cosmin Achirei went through amputation as a baby at the age of one-month-old after a botched injection. Cosmin whose mother died is raised by a father who works abroad. The boy is looked after by his aunt. His family couldn’t afford prosthetic care. Due to financial assistance from Red Line specialists made Cosmin a prosthesis that has both the hip joint as well as the knee joint. 

The end of the year was marked for the foundation by a new partnership. The Red Line has started working with the national leader in the Netherlands for leg and arm prostheses, De Hoogstraat Orthopedietechniek. The organization has more than thirty years of experience in making leg prostheses. The first patient to receive assistance through the collaboration was Suzanne, born in 2006, who suffered a congenital reduction defect. Thanks to the professional work of prosthetists and the support of the foundation what seemed impossible happened: Suzanne could run with new devices immediately.

In December, the foundation paid for two below knee sports prosthetics for Noel from Germany. All four of his limbs were amputated before Noel was one year old as a result of a meningococcal infection. It was extremely important to choose devices for maximum mobility for him. Prosthetics performed by Center for Mobility Radspieler. Now the young man has a chance to fulfill his dream and start training for the Paralympic Games.

“Last year was difficult for everyone, including us, so we could not help everyone. Nonetheless, we worked with a variety of clinics and patients in Europe. The Foundation is constantly expanding its geography and establishing new partnerships, looking for opportunities to solve patients’ problems as comfortably as possible. It was not easy to work in a pandemic and this slowed down the solution of certain issues, but we hope that this year we will be able to help more people, ” said Member of Board of Trustees Olga Shershen.

The Red Line was created in 2019 in Switzerland. The foundation’s main goal is financial assistance in the acquisition of prostheses for people after amputation or for people who were born without limbs. The charitable organization was created thanks to a private initiative of Rodion Butko and is funded by the income of his company Bredley Holding. Red Line operates in Europe. However, there are no other restrictions for patients. A person of any gender, age, background can apply to the organization. Each case is considered individually. All you need to do is send documents confirming the diagnosis and the bill from the hospital where the patient is going to receive prosthetic care to [email protected]