Mikhail from Russia received a cosmetic prosthesis

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Mikhail from Russia received a cosmetic prosthesis

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Sometimes cosmetic prostheses are called ‘passive’, but this can be misleading as cosmetic prostheses can be very useful. However, they are lightweight and do provide a certain level of functionality. For example, a cosmetic arm can help to stabilize a piece of paper for writing, can steady various kitchen tools or stabilize an object to carry. These devices can also help maintain body symmetry. The prosthesis protects the affected part of the body, which is often sensitive if the amputation is the result of an injury. In addition, cosmetic prosthesis usually do not require special belts and batteries that need to be recharged. At the same time, customized prostheses are quite expensive. Yet, they are not always covered by insurance because they are not considered medically necessary. However, such a prosthesis can help a person feel more confident in public.

There are millions of amputees in the world and not everyone can afford to do what they want and look the way they want due to the high cost of prostheses. The Red Line Foundation assists such people. The organization helps with the purchase of prostheses that allow them to run, swim and play sports. The Foundation operates in Europe and is constantly expanding its geography. The first patient in Russia was 12-year-old Mikhail from the Moscow region.

Mikhail has congenital underdevelopment of the right forearm at the level of the upper third. He lives with his parents and sister, studies in the 6th grade of the school. From the age of three, he has been actively involved in swimming, using a special fins on the forearm prosthesis. He is fond of skiing, cycling, and scooter. However, the child needs to change prostheses more often as he grows, and this is not always easy.

“The process of obtaining a prosthesis at the expense of the state takes a very long time and is accompanied by the collection of a large number of documents. You have to pay for the prosthesis at your own expense and then wait for compensation for several months. We have previously performed prosthetics in many clinics, and a few years ago we settled on Endolite. Here we really liked the individual approach, high-quality consultations of specialists and their work, as well as a very friendly atmosphere, ”says Artem, Mikhail’s father.

The Endolite workshop, with the financial support of Red Line, created for Mikhail a cosmetic forearm prosthesis with an individual socket made of molded plastic based on acrylic resins. The product has a silicone glove with an imitation of a skin pattern with an individually matched color, reinforced with a nylon mesh. Metal reinforcement in the prosthetic fingers allows the fingers to be placed in a physiological position

“I express my deep gratitude to you from our family and from Mikhail in particular for the opportunity to get a high-quality prosthesis without much hassle, this is a very big deal for us! The prosthesis helps Mikhail feel like a full-fledged person, helps to avoid a large curvature of the spine, and protects from tactless people unnecessary questions. The prosthesis is made of high-quality materials and does not cause any inconvenience, so Mikhail wears it almost constantly without difficulty”, said Artem.