German Patient Receives Sports Prostheses

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German Patient Receives Sports Prostheses

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The Red Line Foundation sponsored two sports prostheses for Noel Lemke, 26, Germany. Prosthetics performed by Center for Mobility Radspieler. 

Before the age of one year, Noel underwent amputation of all four limbs as a result of a meningococcal infection. Today the young man is 26 years old. It was important to choose devices for maximum mobility for his active age. However, insurance companies often do not pay for sports prostheses, they are responsible for basic needs, not leisure. Therefore, Noel turned to the Red Line charity.

“My personal goal is the Paralympics, therefore I would like to train with the best conditions”, says Noel. 

“We understand that in addition to basic needs for mobility, a young person needs to move actively. Noel is fond of football and dreams of achievements in this sport. The fund’s team hopes that he will be able to fulfill his dream ”, noted Member of Board of Trustees Olga Shershen.

As a result of the cooperation of the charitable organization with the Center for Mobility Radspieler two Össur below-knee prostheses were purchased. Opted products Flex-Run with Nike sole is suitable for upper and lower leg amputees who practice highly active sports such as jogging, cross-country running, long-distance running, or triathlon.