Eliza from Romania got new prosthesis

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Eliza from Romania got new prosthesis

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Adolescence can be a time of stress for teenagers. There are many changes in the psychology and perception of one’s own body. It is especially difficult when a traumatic event occurs during this period, as it happened to 13-year-old Mariana Eliza from Budesti village in Romania.

She was standing on the sidewalk when the driver lost control and the vehicle hit her. Eliza suffered multiple injuries and had an amputation of one-third of the right leg.

The loss of a limb has been challenging for Eliza. It affected the psychological and social aspects of her life. She lives with parents and two other children. Girl takes care of younger siblings and the household. Before the accident, Eliza did gymnastics and performed for the local team. She wants to have an artificial limb that will help her to return to the activities she did before the amputation.

Terranova clinic with the financial support of Red Line Foundation provided the girl with the prosthesis. Device has an active and responsive carbon ankle joint and silicon custom-designed socket.

“I use the prosthesis every day. Compared to what I have worn so far, it’s more comfortable and I feel better with it. In my free time, I help my parents with household chores, meet friends. I haven’t played sports in a long time. I wish I could do it again, but I need a new abutment operation because I wore an inappropriate prosthesis that traumatized my foot and the skin. Thank you for the courage and all the support you have given me”, says Eliza.