Dean from Spain received a modern prosthesis

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Dean from Spain received a modern prosthesis

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Heavy storms are common throughout Spain in late summer and early autumn, but the Gota Fría was an especially violent kind of storm in which huge columns of cumulonimbus cloud rase to an altitude of up to ten kilometers before discharging their water content in torrential downpours. The worst storm to hit eastern Spain in the last 140 years happened in September 2019 and it changed Dean`s life completely.

The man was a passenger in a car that was swept by raging water off the road. His right leg was trapped and crushed. His friend managed to free him and get to the nearest village for help. Dean`s ankle was completely shattered so he had to go through the amputation of the leg above it. Then things got worse with sepsis setting in and the doctors had to amputate further up his leg. 

Dean is from the UK residing in Spain for several years. Before the accident, he was laying pipelines and general maintenance. After amputation, he faced the need to come back to the UK and live with his parents, and for the man at 47, it can hardly be the best choice. He had no money or income at the moment.

Red Line found out about this situation and offered Dean help. The foundation paid for the purchase of the modern prosthesis manufactured by well-known company Ottobock. The prosthesis gives its wearer stability and possibility of the active everyday life. Getting a prosthesis and further rehabilitation and training allows Dean to remain in Spain and to obtain an employment after a long treatment process. The Foundation wishes Dean luck and stamina in his struggle for mobility and independence.