Benoit Portets got brand new bionic prosthesis

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Benoit Portets got brand new bionic prosthesis

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Benoit Portets, 21, from Bordeaux, France was born with a forearm limb difference. He had a prosthesis that he deemed not functional and aesthetic enough. The University of Talence student had a real motivation for the bionic prosthesis Hero Arm because it`s lightweight. Benoit was sure that it would be instrumental in his academic activities and internships to come. 

“I have used in the past a myoelectric prosthesis that was limited to a hook grip. I did not use it a lot as it was too heavy. I believe the Hero Arm would help me in the future for my working activities. At present, I would also like new prosthesis to help me with daily tasks such as opening a bottle, brushing my teeth, lacing my shoelaces, or cooking”, said Benoit.

The Hero Arm was considered by the clinical team as the product that matches the patient’s expectations both in terms of function and aesthetics. With assistance from Red Line Foundation Benoit Portets got his new prosthesis. ”It’s an amazing device, so innovative. I think this type of device is the future for the upper limb amputees”, told Benoit.

It’s important to notice that the first cause of non-use of prosthesis is often the weight. They are usually too heavy. Open Bionics have worked hard on this point, so they promise to provide all of their devices under 1kg. It could make a real difference for the patient. Special sensors within the bionic prosthesis detect muscle movements, meaning one can effortlessly control the bionic hand with intuitive life-like precision. The process of rehabilitation is shorter and easier for the patient. 

The Red Line team hopes sincerely that the acquisition of a modern bionic device will make  life of the young man as normal as possible and Benoit wishes will line up with reality.